Victrix Macedonian Phalangites


In this post, I want to showcase the Victrix Macedonian Phalangites. Another addition to my Macedonian army. So without further due, let’s jump right into the review.

The kit

The Victrix Macedonian Phalangites is an all-plastic kit and as usual, Victrix delivers outstanding quality. The kit offers a lot of options, including a musician and a standard-bearer. Altogether you can build up to 27 miniatures out of this kit. A fair amount of miniatures for the price tag.

The only debatable thing about this kit are the spears. They are very long and tend to break easily. So some people might prefer metal ones. For me, this is not a problem, but I guess I should mention it here right away.

How to Paint

  1. Priming the miniatures

    As always I primed the miniatures using Vallejo primer (white).

  2. Basecolors

    After that, I applied the base colors.

    Greaves and helmet: Vallejo Brass (801)

    Amour: Vallejo White (951)

    Tunic: Vallejo Carmine Red (908)

    All leather: Vallejo Leather (871)

    All flesh: Vallejo Flat Flesh (955)

    Metal parts: Vallejo Gunmetal (863)

  3. Shading

    In the next step, I applied Army Painter Quickshade soft tone. I used the soft tone over the other two options because it tends to work better with lighter colors.

  4. Applying decals

    The kit comes with no decals, so I had to buy some from Little Big Men. I chose the Mac(VL)1. Compared to other decals, they are rather easy to apply.

  5. Basing

    As always I applied watered-down PVA to the base and covered it with grid. A few hours later I applied a second layer of PVA. For the base colors, I used Vallejo Tan Earth (874). I finished everything off with a heavy drybrush of Vallejo Iraqui Sand (819) followed by a lighter drybrush of Vallejo Pale Sand (837). A few added tufts later I called it a day.

  6. Sealing

    In the last step I sealed the miniatures using Vallejo Anti Shine.



I have to confess, I really like these miniatures. Standing in line with their spears they look very impressive. The transport, on the other hand, is cumbersome but still doable. So what’s my verdict on the Victrix Macedonian Phalangites? Well, the kit is great and the miniatures are a joy to paint. In my opinion, you get a fair amount of value for your money. Personally, I will buy another pack in the future to boost my Phalangites even further.

What do to you to prevent your spears from breaking? Let me know in the comment and as always happy wargaming!


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