Davy Jones’ Locker #13 (Spring)


Boy, the time is flying by, and the first three months of 2021 are almost gone. So it is time for another quarterly update. As you might notice, I skipped the Winter edition. Covid is still going strong, and I was too busy to write an update.

One of my goals for 2021 is to organize my hobby better. We all know the problem: the workbench is cluttered with finished or unfinished models. Add some paints to the mix, and we got a mess. Obviously, that’s not very productive if you intend to get some painting done.

As a solution, I build three small boxes. One for every active project. In these boxes, I store the models I am currently working on. At the end of the painting session, I put the boxes back into my Hobbyzone showcase module. It works like a charm, and the workbench is always clean and tidy. This step really helped to boost my painting in 2021.

Update: #Ravendale?

My fantasy project called #Ravendale? is still paused. As I wrote in the past, I couldn’t find the motivation to paint any more fantasy stuff. I guess halting the project was a good decision because I feel a new interest in the setting creeping up.

I did some brainstorming and started to streamline the rules. Sometimes, distancing yourself from a project seems to be a good decision to get a fresh take on things. At the moment, I plan to get into full swing on this project around autumn.


My current World War II project called #GemblouxGap?? is still going strong. I already finished almost all German Armor and roughly half of the German Infantry. To spice things up, I ordered additional stuff from Blitzkriegminiatures. Especially the Stuka will be an amazing addition to the table!

Painting these miniatures was an absolute blast, and I am pleased with the results so far. Now it is time to add some weathering effects.

In the next step, I will complete all the weapon teams for the German army. Then I will start with the French.

Update #ModernAfghanistan??

The last project on this list has a life on its own. First, it was just a distraction because I can’t stand any more fantasy models. But since then, it has grown exponentially. I already painted up the first batch of Taliban fighters. Last weekend I started with some civilians. They are all Eureka miniatures, and I had a lot of fun painting them. The next step will be Taliban weapon teams. I hope to finish them before the new stuff arrives. But more on that in the next chapter.


  • Empress Miniatures: T-55, Technical, Technical (ZSU + Taliban crew), Technical (SPG9), M-ATV (MK19), Humvee (Weapons station), and even more Afghan civilians. Including the funny one with the donkey!
  • Eureka Miniatures: Afghan National Police in helmets, Afghan National Police in caps, Afghan Guerilla Commander, and some standing horses
  • A new light for the workbench. Nothing fancy, but more light is always a good thing.

As you might guess, things are going well hobby-wise in 2021 so far. I hope to finish all three projects in 2021. So I will have to paint like a maniac, but I am also very excited to make it happen.

Stay tuned and as always, happy wargaming!


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