James Barr: A Line in the Sand

James Barr A Line in the Sand title

A Line in the Sand by James Barr is part of my reading list regarding the Middle East. I have been tinkering about wargaming in that specific part of the world for a few years. I am especially interested in the pre-World War 2 era. Hence James Barr’s book about … Show me more

On moving

Rotier creed using contrast paints

Sometimes we have to do it: move to another house. I faced this challenge last summer. Moving is a hassle for anyone. But as a wargamer, it was especially a pain in the butt. Nonetheless, it had to be done. Due to the move, I had no time to hobby … Show me more

Some thoughts on improving

In recent weeks, my painting time has been rather limited. But I watched some YouTube videos while doing some dull office work. Watching accomplished painters made me think about my own skillset. Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning to compete in serious painting competitions. What I am talking … Show me more