Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa – Part 1


Months ago we played a small Pulp Alley campaign. Unfortunately, I wasn’t taking pictures very seriously and so this will be just a short write up and not a full AAR. But nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy the wrap-up. I bet you will because Pulp in Darkest Africa is one of the most exciting settings for miniature wargaming!

What is that all about?

Our Pulp Alley campaign took place somewhere during World War II. There were two leagues. The League of Adventurers, obviously the good ones. And the Thule Society, well as you already guess the evil ones. The Nazis are on the hunt for the Staff of Light, an old artifact with infinite power to win the war. Obviously, our heroes are trying to prevent this from happening. Well, you don’t want to live under Hitler’s rule, aren’t you?

Scenario I – Meeting the Professor

The first scenario was the trail of clues scenario from the Pulp Alley rulebook. Sir Henry Orwell Finley, an eccentric British Professor, who got lost in the jungle, was the major plot point. So the leagues had to track him down. The Thule Society planned to kidnap the Professor and took him to Germany. While the League of Adventurers rushed in to save him.

Pulp Alley campaign - scene 1

Minor plot points were a native bearer, a crate of supplies, a cooking pot, some other natives and Dr. Ravenwood, the assistant of Prof Finley.


Finally, Stahlmask and his shady minions successfully captured the Prof. But the old geezer managed to outsmart the Nazis and gain some time. But it doesn’t take long and Stahlmask saw through the Professor’s game. After Dr. Brunhold von Rabenstein used some of his medicine, the Prof had to cooperate and revealed the true whereabouts of the Staff of Light.

Scenario II – Searching the Cult

The second scenario was an adaption of The Lost keys. Finding the cult was the goal for both leagues. So the characters had to advance even further into the hostile jungle.

Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 a Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 b Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 c

The major plot point was Maxwell Powers, a notorious smuggler. But he wouldn’t cooperate, so the leagues had to subdue him (Challenge: Brawl 3 successes). Well, a tough nut to crack for the leagues!

The minor plot points: trade goods, a pile of skulls, a spider’s nest and a quiver.

Before any character could approach Maxwell Powers, he had to gain 1 minor plot point and his league had to possess the quiver or the trade goods.

Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 d Pulp Alley campaign - scene 2 d

Even cannibals didn’t rely on human flesh alone, so from time to time, they need some other resources. Maybe the traders can provide useful information on the cult. But be careful, some traders can become very aggressive, if someone sticks his nose into their business. Nonetheless, it was a lovely gaming table.


The League of Adventurers revealed information, that Miss Abigail Finley, daughter of Prof Finley, is kept hostage by the cult inside the Temple of Skulls. Bad news, but the leagues had to deal with it.

So stay tuned for the upcoming second part of our Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. And as always, happy wargaming.


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