Where to buy Pulp Miniatures?

In my Pulp Wargaming series, I already covered topics like rules for pulp wargaming or movies as inspiration for pulp wargaming. But of course, you can’t play without miniatures. So where to buy pulp miniatures? Antediluvian Miniatures (UK) Antediluvian miniatures offer some very interesting ranges. At first, I want to point out there Lost World range. There you can find dinosaurs, sasquatches and other great … Show me more

Chain of Command AAR – Dropping into Normandy

Recently, we played some games of Chain of Command from Two Fat Lardies and had great fun. But playing single games without any connection isn’t satisfying. So we decided to give our games more meaning and start a campaign. We bought the At the sharp end campaign handbook and the Kampfgruppe von Luck campaign. I can recommend both books, especially if you consider their price. We … Show me more

Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa – Part 2

This is the second post about our Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa. If you missed the first post, grab a coffee and read that post first, before returning here. I promise it is worth the read! Scenario III – The Temple of Skulls After some days in the hostile jungle, the leagues finally locate the infamous Temple of Skulls. There is no information about … Show me more