Rubicon SdKfZ 7


In this post, I want to showcase my Rubicon SdKfZ 7 half-track. Another addition for my ever-growing early World War 2 collection.

The SdKfZ 7 was a half-tracked vehicle used mainly by the Germans in World War 2. Its main purpose was to act as an artillery tractor for the 15 cm sFH 18 150 mm howitzer and the famous 8.8 cm FlaK. Built upon the SdKfZ 7 were various self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles, for example, the SdKfZ 7 / 1 armed with a 2 cm Flakvierling 38.

The kit

Rubicon SdKfZ 7 overview

As you might expect from a well renown company like Rubicon, the kit is well designed and easy to build. Besides that, the kit offers the option to build the SdKfZ 7 with or without a top. I build mine without because I prefer to show the interior.

Rubicon SdKfZ 7 before priming

How to Paint

  1. Priming

    I primed the model using Vallejo white.

  2. Base colors

    Vallejo German Grey (995) – GW Nuln Oil [Wash] – Vallejo London Grey (836)[Dry Brush]

    Vallejo German Fieldgrey (830) – GW Agrax Earthshade [Wash] – Vallejo Light Mud (315)

    Metal boxes / Jerry cans:
    Vallejo German Camou Dark Green (979) -GW Nuln oil [Wash] – Vallejo Light Mud (315) [Dry Brush]

    Vallejo Black Grey (862) – GW Agrax Earthshade [Wash]

    Vallejo Old Wood (319) – GW Agrax Earthshade [Wash] – Vallejo Light Mud (315) [Dry Brush]

    Vallejo Oily Steel (865) – GW Nuln Oil [Wash]

    Foundry Expert Flesh 127 E – Foundry Expert Flesh 127 F [Highlights]

  3. Decals

    I applied the decals from the kit using Revell Decal soft.

  4. Weathering effects

    To achieve a more unified look, I weathered the SdKfZ 7 as the rest of my German Early War force using Vallejo

  5. Sealing

    After everything dried up completely I used Army Painter Aegis Suit satin varnish to seal the whole model.


Rubicon SdKfZ 7


Again I had a lot of fun building this kit. It looks way shinier on the pictures than in real life. Maybe I got too strong in regards to lighting for the images. Anyway, the kit should be stable in any World War 2 collection in my opinion. I will use the SdKfZ 7 to transport troops in my games and obviously as an artillery tractor for my 88. But the latter is still part of the dreaded lead pile.


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