Davy Jones’ Locker #5


Today it is time for the fifth issue of Davy Jone’s Locker – best in miniature wargaming. It was a hell of a month for me.  But nonetheless, I found some really nice gems to share with you. So let’s jump right into it.

1. Dux Britanniarum

My first pick is a Review of the Dux Britanniarum rules by Two Fat Lardies. I played the game several times and it has great potential. We had a lot of fun. But the rulebook lacks some structure sometimes. We had to search the whole book several times to find some specific rules. So I guess some polishing would be nice there. Besides that, the game is lovely crafted. It comes with a great set of campaign rules. You can easily craft your own hero and start his struggle for fame and power. Sounds interesting? Well, then read the great Dux Britanniarum Review by Skirmish Wargaming! [Update 1.03.2019: sorry, the resource is no longer online]

2. Write up about military organization

As Wargamers, we are used to build armies. Mostly, the ruleset will give us clear instructions on how to organize our forces. In more realistic games, this can be pretty confusing. Especially, if you lack any military background. Fireteam, squad, platoon? Whats the difference you may ask. Well, in this case, the following write up by The Tacticians Database about military organization is useful.

3. How to build a dice rolling tray (Tutorial)

We all know the problem: you have to roll a lot of dice and they are rolling around the whole gaming table. Sometimes they even knock down miniatures or pieces of scenery. In most cases, this is annoying, but no real problem. But if you play often on the same table, all those rolled dice will take their toll and the gaming table will suffer. This is especially true for participation games.

The easy solution is using a dice tray. Of course you can buy one. But it is much more satisfying to build your own one. You don’t know how? Well, then read Stiu’s great tutorial!

4. A Bad Day at Market – a Force on Force AAR

The last pick for this issue is an AAR. The action took place somewhere in the Middle East. So, it’s time for modern combat! The rules used are Force on Force, by Ambush Alley games.

Why should you read this AAR?

Well, because modern combat offers some nice options for scenarios. And this AAR offers a really good one. Besides that, the AAR is very detailed, so you can easily follow on what was happening on the table. The report includes a tactical map too, which I really like in this kind of AARs.

And nonetheless, you can get some inspirations on how to setup a gamingtable for a this kind of conflicts. There are small market stands, shabby huts and even a mosque!

So, grap a coffee and start reading Joseph Klingman’s Battlereport.

Final words

I hope you liked my picks for this issue. I have one more image for you. Davy Jones’ Locker #5

A few weeks ago, we started to play Chain of Command. And boy, the rules are nice! We decided to play a whole campaign this summer, featuring Germans, Americans and maybe even some Brits. The campaign will take place in Normandy.

So I ordered some stuff to reinforce my Americans. Did some serious brainstorming about needed scenery pieces and started a new project. So stay tuned. And as always, happy wargaming!


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