The Kaiser’s Elephants – a scenario for Triumph & Tragedy

Recently I finished the Kaiser’s Elephants – a scenario for Triumph & Tragedy. A Long time ago I had the idea of a scenario, which simulates big game hunting in Africa. But I also want to have some struggle between two armies. So I came up with the idea of a skirmish between poachers and the German Schutztruppe. This was my first scenario ever, so … Show me more

Colonial wargaming in Darkest Africa

Colonial wargaming in Darkest Africa is a common theme among wargamers. Of cours there are other theaters aswell. But I personally prefer the dark continent. Cannibals, wild animals and other mysteries. You have to love it. The rules There are a lot of rules for colonial wargaming. My favorite one is Triumph & Tragedy (mostly known as T&T) made by Björn Reichel and Christian Steimel. [Unfortunately, the … Show me more

New audience, new language and new adventures in small worlds!

Today I want to annonce some serious changes on the blog. New audience, new language First of all, will become English only. It has been a while since my last post and my focus in the hobby has changed. I have become more involved in the international community. Mainly the Lead Adventure forum. Because of that, it seems logical to change too. I thought about that for … Show me more