My Frostgrave Warband


Today I want to show you my Frostgrave Warband. I really like the game, because of the easy game mechanics and the setting. We started to play a campaign, so there was time for some character development. I started the campaign with an Illusionist. On paper, the class sounds great, but after several games, I changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with playing an Illusionist, but personally it was not my style of play. So after the Illusionist was killed, I chose an Elementalist as a replacement.

Wizard (Elementalist)

Frostgrave Warband Elementalist Frostgrave Warband Elementalist backside

Apprentice (Elementalist)

Frostgrave Warband Elementalist apprentice Frostgrave Warband Elementalist apprentice backside

Wizard and Apprentice (Illusionist)

Frostgrave Warband Illusionist Frostgrave Warband Illusionist wizard and apprentice Frostgrave Warband Illusionist backside

Some Thugs

Frostgrave Warband thugs Frostgrave Warband thugs closeup Frostgrave Warband thugs backside

Crossbowmen / archers

Frostgrave Warband archers crossbowmen  Frostgrave Warband archers crossbowmen backside Frostgrave Warband archers crossbowmen closeup Frostgrave Warband archers crossbowmen closeup backside

Tracker and War Hound

Frostgrave Warband tracker war hound Frostgrave Warband tracker war hound backside Frostgrave Warband tracker war hound closeup

I am pretty happy with my Frostgrave warband so far. In most games, I rely heavily on long range weapons (crossbows/archers) to secure the ground and give my thugs some backup while carrying treasures away. I use my wizard (Elementalist) pretty offensive, trying to kill enemy wizards. Of course, I ran into trouble in some games, but no risk, no fun.

My wizard’s current spells

  • Elemental Hammer (Elementalist) 8
  • Leap (Summoner) 9
  • Elemental Bolt (Elementalist) 10
  • Wall (Elementalist) 10
  • Telekinesis (Enchanter) 10
  • Fleet Feet (Chronomancer) 12
  • Reveal Invisibility (Soothsayer) 12
  • Fog (Witch) 12

Of course, some spells tend to be more useful than others. Actually, I never used Reveal Invisibility, due to the lack of invisible enemies. Elemental Hammer, Leap and Elemental Bolt otherwise are used on a regular basis. Others like Wall or Fleet Feet can be useful in certain situations, so they are nice to have. Think of a soldier carrying a treasure with enemies close by. In such a situation, these spells can win the game.

If you are not familiar with Frostgrave, I highly suggest to give it a try. It is fun and the rules are easy to learn. In my opinion, there is only one problem with the game. If you play against the same opponent all the time, both players getting used to their tactics and the games tend to be pretty similar.

I’d love to hear what you think about this issue. Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “My Frostgrave Warband”

  1. I agree, the game can get a bit stale if play the same opponent every time, as the spell-load out will tend to dictate tactics. One suggestion – each game, allow each player to bring 2 or 3 secret scrolls, that will give each player a couple of ‘secret weapons’ that they can break out when their opponent least expects it. For a brief change, try the Dark Alchemy scenarios, where you and your usual opponent can play on the same side for a bit. You might also consider the scenarios in Forgotten Pacts, which are generally much harder and the players are often forced to spend as much attention on the wandering monsters as one another.


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