Davy Jones’ Locker #6


It is time for the sixth issue of Davy Jones’ Locker – best in miniature gaming. As usual, I tried my best to find the gems in our hobby. So grab a coffee and have fun!

1. How to make an ancient Yew Tree in 28mm

The first pick is a tutorial by DaggerandBrush. As always the tutorial is well written and the quality of the tree is outstanding. Honestly, most of us won’t be able to build such a piece of art, but at least we can use tutorials like this to step up our game. The tutorial is split into two parts, so make sure to read part one and part two.

2. Personality cards for Black Powder

While surfing the web I stumbled upon the second pick. Personality cards for Black Powder by colgar6. I don’t play the game, but I instantly liked the cards. Stuff like that is always a good way to enhance your gaming experience. But a word of warning for you history cracks out there: the personality cards aren’t historically accurate. But if you didn’t mind seeing Jason Statham’s head on a generals body, this is a great idea.  The cards themselves come in the Microsoft PowerPoint format, so I guess most of you can easily open them.

3. Painting Wild Geese (offline)

I found the third pick, while I was doing some research for a modern project using the Spectre Operations rules. But we are talking very early planning stage, so this projects won’t be started until the end of this year. Anyway, I guess most wargamers know the movie The Wild Geese. The whole story is perfect for wargaming, so it is no surprise that there are fitting miniatures. Sally4th  was kind enough, to make a free tutorial on how to paint the mercenaries. It’s great to see companies supporting the community. [14.04.2022: Unfortunately this website isn’t available anymore]

4. Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse (Review)

In the fourth pick, Jacob reviews Ash Barker’s Last Days. I found this nice review while doing some research for our upcoming convention table in Spring 2019. I have no personal experience with Last Days, but Jacob gives a good impression on how the rules roll. While I am a little bored of zombies nowadays, the rule set looks good. So if you fancy zombies, go and read this review.

5. Rugs for free!

We all like beautiful gaming tables. In most cases, the little details matter and help to bring a table to the next level. Therefore the last pick is one of these small details, which can really make a difference. On Adventures in Lead, you can download an image with a lot of rugs for your gaming table. If I ever find the time to make a Murder on the Orient Express gaming table, this rugs will be perfect. Until that day, I will be using them on our Pulp or Colonial adventurers. For which setting will you use them? Tell us in the comments!

I hope you like my picks for this issue. As always, put any questions or suggestions in the comments. Happy wargaming!


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