Where to buy Pulp Miniatures?


In my Pulp Wargaming series, I already covered topics like rules for pulp wargaming or movies as inspiration for pulp wargaming. But of course, you can’t play without miniatures. So where to buy pulp miniatures?

Antediluvian Miniatures (UK)

Antediluvian miniatures offer some very interesting ranges. At first, I want to point out there Lost World range. There you can find dinosaurs, sasquatches and other great stuff for your adventures. Go and check out the compromised explorer. What a lovely miniature!

But they also offer small fantasy, historical and science fiction ranges. A great find besides that, are their ranges of medieval demons and the Conquistadors of Mictlan range. The latter is some kind of weird conquest of South and Latin America including conquistadores, zombies and other fantastic stuff.

Askari Miniatures (USA)

Askari miniatures sell miniatures for Colonial and World War II wargaming. For example, you can find figures for the Turkish, Ethiopian and Italian army. Besides that, they sell also French and Spanish foreign legion miniatures.

But they also make some great miniatures which are highly suitable for pulpish adventures. For example the Turkish Pasha or an Egyptian Digging Crew.

Artizan Design (GB)

Artizan makes a lot of minis, which are suitable for Pulp Wargaming. Besides historical stuff like March or Die (French Foreign Legion / Tuaregs), Pirates and Afghans, which are all suitable for minions or followers, they also have some nice character models. In their First World War range, you can find T.E. Lawrence for example. But for pulp wargaming, their Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Crime / Spyfi) and Thrilling Tales ranges are by far the best. Cultists, sky pirates, detectives, villains or heroes, they got them all. If you fancy with stuff like Indiana Jones, go and check out their Afrika Korps range.

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Brigade Games (USA)

Brigade Games is another company, which offers a nice amount of suitable miniatures. They founded a great range of Spyfy minis called Spies and Patriots via Kickstarter. If you are into the whole cold war thing, go and check them out.

They also sell nice Arabs and one of my favorite minis of Lawrence of Arabia. Besides that, you can find some stuff for Back of Beyond there, including World War I tanks.

In their Mob Wars range, you will find not only miniatures but also buildings and some cars for stuff like Vice Alley or the Chicago Way.

To wrap things up, their range of miniatures is really broad. You can even find German Zombies for World War II.

Company B (USA)

Company B offers some great additions for Back of Beyond. Especially I want to mention their armored trains and their nice Interwar collection. In general, you will find a broad variety of vehicles and accessories in their shop, reaching from Interwar to today.

Copplestone Castings (GB)

Copplestone Castings is another major player in regards to pulp miniatures. Let’s start with their huge Back of Beyond range. There you will find a ton of stuff for your adventures in Central Asia. Even Yetis!

But maybe you are more interested in Darkest Africa. Well, then take a look at their range for the dark continent. You will find a lot of native figures there.

Besides that Copplestone offers also smaller ranges for Crime, Spy-fi and Sci-fi. Also allow me to mention my favorite range from Copplestone: High Adventure. In this range, you will find archaeologists, polar adventurers and caveman characters for lost world scenarios.

Crooked Dice (UK)

Crooked Dice is well known for its 7TV rule set. But they offer some very interesting miniatures ranges as well. Especially if you are into Spyfi you will find an enormous amount of stuff. For example a well-known master spy and his antagonist, the evil mastermind. But also tons of henchman and even scenic stuff, like control equipment. Brilliant!

But 007 isn’t the only movie reverence in their range. For example, they sell some paranormal exterminators if you want to play Ghostbusters.

To make a long story short, Crooked Dice offers also ranges for Crim-fi and Post-Apoc. If you have the slightest interest in any kind of pulp wargaming, check out their shop!

Crucible Crush (CA)

Crucible Crush is one of the smaller companies in this list. Nonetheless, you can find some real gems in their ranges. For example, they sell a small but lovely range of Cthulhu style miniatures.

They also offer a range of native Americans for the Flint and Feather rule set. But I guess, they are mainly known for their Black Sun range, which could be described as some kind of weird Vietnam war.

Eureka Miniatures (AUS)

Eureka Miniatures offers various miniatures suitable for pulp, like their cultist range for adventures in Egypt or their Maximilian 1934 range. The latter offers some of the best cars I know so far for pulp. They also sell miniatures for colonial or tribal settings. But nothing beats their weird World War II range. Nazis riding dinosaurs. Just take a look at Stukasaurus.

Foundry (UK)

I guess any wargamer knows Foundry. Mostly they are known for their historical ranges. But nonetheless, they also have a lot of stuff you can use in Pulp wargaming. For example, their Congo range or terror birds for Lost World scenarios.

Great War Miniatures (GB)

Great War Miniatures is a small company, which sell their stuff via North Star. If you are interested in World War I or the Crimean War, check out their ranges.

Hasslefree Miniatures (UK)

Hasslefree miniatures offer a wide range of miniatures suitable for modern pulp. Maybe you want President Trump or Arnold Schwarzenegger on your gaming table, they offer the miniatures!

Lucid Eye Publications (UK)

Lucid Eye offers miniatures for their Savage Core rule set which are great for Lost World settings. The range also includes some characters, which could be easily used in other settings. Like Cramh for example, who is really useful if you need a Tarzan miniature.

Pulp Figures (CA)

Pulp Figures by Bob Murch, I guess everyone slightly interested in Pulp Wargaming knows this company. Their range of miniatures is so broad, that I don’t even try to do a full write up. Let’s put it that way, if you are interested in any kind of Pulp Wargaming, go and check them out. I guess it is next to impossible, that you won’t find a match there. And honestly, maybe this is my personal favorite when it comes to companies.

Steve Barber Models (UK)

Steve Barber offers mainly historical miniatures. But he also sells a range of prehistoric miniatures that are suitable for a Lost World setting. If you play pulp in Africa, check out his accessories section too. I personally own his market stands and some animals.

Last Words

I hope this post on how to find miniatures for pulp wargaming will prove useful to my readers. But one word of caution: of course this list is not complete by no means. Constantly there are new miniatures released and new companies founded. I will update this post frequently. But if you have additions to this list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will be more than happy to add your suggestions.

If you have any questions or comments, put them down below. And as always, happy wargaming!


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