The Kaiser’s Elephants – a scenario for Triumph & Tragedy


The Kaiser's elephants - a scenario for Triumph & TragedyRecently I finished the Kaiser’s Elephants – a scenario for Triumph & Tragedy. A Long time ago I had the idea of a scenario, which simulates big game hunting in Africa. But I also want to have some struggle between two armies. So I came up with the idea of a skirmish between poachers and the German Schutztruppe. This was my first scenario ever, so some playtesting was needed. But I was really happy with the result. So today I want to share the newest version (v.1.2) of the Kaiser’s Elephants – a scenario for Triumph & Tragedy with you.

So what is it all about?

poo markers for Triumph & Tragedy
Making some poo markers

It is a scenario for two armies, trying to hunt two elephants and gathering the tusks. To add some uncertainty, the players have to reveal the elephants by exploring poo markers. For every poo marker, the player has to draw an encounter card from the deck. There are different encounters: a cheetah, an anaconda, a baboon, fierce cannibals, a cape buffalo, a crocodile and of course two elephants. But sometimes there is no encounter, just poo.

What do I need to play the Kaiser’s Elephants?

To play the Kaiser’s Elephants you need the Triumph & Tragedy core rulebook. If you use other rules, you can use the basic ideas behind this scenario too. But in this case, you have to make some changes according to your rule set. Besides the rules, you need some colonial miniatures for the armies and the encounters. You also need suitable scenery for Darkest Africa. And of course, you need the scenario and the encounter cards, which you can download for free!

Download the Kaisers Elephants scenario

Download the encounter cards

If you like the scenario, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy wargaming.


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