Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzerjäger I

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzerjäger I finished

This time, I want to showcase the Panzerjäger I by Blitzkrieg Miniatures. Sometimes this tank is also referred to as Jagdpanzer I, which would make sense but isn’t the proper name whatsoever. The Panzerjäger I was the first German tank destroyer fielded in World War II. Panzerjäger means Tank hunter … Show me more

Foundry Sleek Warrior Women

Foundry Sleek Warrior Women

To expand my Darkest Africa miniature collection I painted some Foundry Sleek Warrior Women. The quality of the miniatures is superb.  I am a big fan of the whole Darkest Africa range from Foundry. But the Foundry Sleek Warrior Women are especially impressive. I used mine in our pulp campaign … Show me more

Foundry Masai Warriors

Recently I painted some additions for my Darkest Africa collection: Foundry Masai Warriors. As always the models are superb. Honestly, I think you can never be wrong with picking miniatures from Foundry. If you are interested in the whole colonial wargaming thing, this company is definitely your friend. But long story … Show me more