Victrix Greek Archers

Victrix Greek Archers top view

In this post, I want to showcase the Victrix Greek Archers for my Macedonian Army. Besides a review, you can also find an easy to follow painting tutorial as well. The kit The Victrix Greek Archers is an all-plastic kit. You can build up to twelve archers. That is fairly … Show me more

Victrix Macedonian Hypaspists

group view of the finished Victrix Macedonian Hypaspists

In this post, I want to showcase the Victrix Macedonian Hypaspists for my Macedonian army. Besides my review of the kit itself, you will also find a quick and easy to follow How to paint tutorial. The kit The Victrix Macedonian Hypaspists is a plastic kit. As usual, Victrix delivers … Show me more

Davy Jones’ Locker #12 (Autumn)

Davy Jone's Locker - best in miniature wargaming

In the past months, hobby time was very rare due to the whole Covid mess. Schedules had to be changed almost constantly and games could only be played digitally. The good thing was, that the situation made me kind of rethink my take on the hobby. In the past, most … Show me more