M3 Stuart from Warlord Games

M3 Stuart Warlord

Today I want to showcase my M3 Stuart from Warlord Games. As always after some quick facts, I will jump right into the painting process. Finally, I will also share my opinions about the M3 Stuart kit from Warlord. History The M3 Stuart was an American made light tank during … Show me more

Marder III Ausf. H from Warlord Games

In this review, I want to showcase my Marder III Ausf. H Tank Destroyer from Warlord Games. As a bonus, I added an easy to follow painting tutorial. History The Marder, german for marten, was a German tank destroyer during World War II. It was in service on all fronts … Show me more

Where to buy Pulp Miniatures?

In my Pulp Wargaming series, I already covered topics like rules for pulp wargaming or movies as inspiration for pulp wargaming. But of course, you can’t play without miniatures. So where to buy pulp miniatures? Antediluvian Miniatures (UK) Antediluvian miniatures offer some very interesting ranges. At first, I want to … Show me more

Davy Jones’ Locker #10

Davy Jone's Locker - best in miniature wargaming

November is almost over, so it is time for another monthly review. As always I want to share my hobby progress with you as well as curating my personal top 5 pieces of content from the miniature wargaming community. Monthly review November was still a tough month, because I had … Show me more

3D printed Tentacles for wargaming

3D printed Tentacles

In this post, I want to showcase my 3D printed tentacles for wargaming. Over two years ago I bought some 3D printed stuff by Paul, better known as Matakishi. Besides some crates, especially these tentacles proved useful in my Frostgrave games. This was my very first transaction via LAF and … Show me more