New year resolution for 2017

Just a quick post today. My new year resolution for 2017. What I accomplished in 2016 I finished my German grenadiers for Bolt Action I painted a lot of miniatures for Darkest Africa (tribal warriors and other natives) I painted my Anglo-Danish army for SAGA. I painted two leagues for Pulp … Show me more

My Anglo-Danish army for SAGA

anglo-danish army for saga warlord

Today I want to show you my anglo-danish army for SAGA. Unlike the Vikings the Anglo-Danish play less aggressive. Their abilities clearly favor more defensive tactics. In some scenarios this is an advantage, but sometimes you can have a hard time winning the game. But nonetheless they are fun to play. Like … Show me more

Miniature wargames I played in 2016

Miniature wargames I played in 2016 SAGA

While GlueandDice for the most part is about building and painting stuff, today it’s all about the miniature wargames I played in 2016. I like the AARs which people share  on their blogs or forums like Lead-Adventure. But personally, I never wrote a AAR myself. Maybe in the future I … Show me more