Jungle terrain for wargaming

Today I want to show you how to make jungle terrain for wargaming. I always prefer terrain pieces, which are useable for several occasions. So I decided to built pieces of different size and shape to add some variety to the table.   For the large and medium pieces, I … Show me more

My Frostgrave Warband

Today I want to show you my Frostgrave Warband. I really like the game, because of the easy game mechanics and the setting. We started to play a campaign, so there was time for some character development. I started the campaign with an Illusionist. On paper, the class sounds great, … Show me more

New year resolution for 2017

Just a quick post today. My new year resolution for 2017. What I accomplished in 2016 I finished my German grenadiers for Bolt Action I painted a lot of miniatures for Darkest Africa (tribal warriors and other natives) I painted my Anglo-Danish army for SAGA. I painted two leagues for Pulp … Show me more