New Year’s resolution for 2018


Again it is time for my new year’s resolution in our hobby. But first, let’s start with a quick recap of 2017. Because it was a great year of wargaming!

2017 – a Review

2017 was a great year in the hobby for me. I finished all the miniatures and terrain pieces for my Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa and we had a great time playing the campaign. Unfortunately, due to time issues, I couldn’t write as many updates for the blog as I want. But there will be a post about the Pulp campaign and the miniatures/terrain pieces in 2018. So stay tuned.

But Pulp Alley wasn’t the only rule set I played in 2017. My mate made up an Infinity campaign, which we played fairly regularly. Totally different setting and a more complex set of rules – long story short: a nice addition to games like Pulp Alley. Besides that, we also played Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Dux Britanniarum, Frostgrave, Force on Force, Kings of War, Dead Man’s Hand, X-Wing and Triumph & Tragedy.

I also supported a friend with his The Walking Dead table (images below) on two conventions. It was my first convention ever and we had a great time. And this won’t be the last because my first ever published AAR about a game of Blood Eagle resulted in an invitation to a German convention called Do or Dice. We will present Blood Eagle in a Nordic setting. My mate will paint all the miniatures and I will build the whole gaming table. I am pretty excited to make it happen.

My Goals for 2018

  • For 2018 my most important resolution is to buy no new miniatures until the whole lead mountain is painted. Yes, this will be hard, but it has to be done.
  • Building a nice gaming table for our Blood Eagle presentation. This will give me the opportunity to learn something about using snow, frozen water and stuff like that.
  • Completing my fantasy campaign for Pulp Alley. This project has grown much bigger then I would ever have expected. There will be a post about the whole concept in January.
  • Writing more posts on the blog. I still have a lot of terrain pieces and miniatures, which I would like to present here. So there will be a lot of content to come.

These are my goals for the upcoming year. It will be a lot of work, but I am highly motivated. 2017 was a great year in the hobby. I played at least as much as 2016 and we have a nice community here. But there is always room for improvement. I am optimistic that 2018 will be even better. Thanks for reading and happy new year!

The Walking Dead gaming table

The Walking Dead gaming table  The Walking Dead gaming table detail  The Walking Dead gaming table fight  The Walking Dead gaming table the house  The Walking Dead gaming table encounter  The Walking Dead gaming table barricade


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