Foundry Masai Warriors


Recently I painted some additions for my Darkest Africa collection: Foundry Masai Warriors. As always the models are superb. Honestly, I think you can never be wrong with picking miniatures from Foundry. If you are interested in the whole colonial wargaming thing, this company is definitely your friend. But long story short let’s take a look at the miniatures.

Painted Foundry Masai Warriors

foundry masai warriors  foundry masai warriors backfoundry masai warriors group

Some thoughts on colonial wargaming

I use my Darkest Africa stuff mostly for Pulp. Historical accuracy is not important in that regard. I rather tend to paint my miniatures more colorful, than worrying too much about historical accuracy. Let’s be honest, Pulp is all about eye candy. The shields of my Foundry Masai Warriors reflect that. I painted them freehand. They are not perfect, but I am pretty happy with the result. I already played a few games of Triumph & Tragedy and Pulp Alley using these miniatures. Mostly they act as elite or heavy infantry troops compared to the normal tribal warriors. For example, we played a scenario where European explorers and their supply train stumble through the jungle constantly attacked by cannibals. For the supply train, I used my Foundry bearers.

The basing

To give my Darkest Africa collection a unified look I made the bases, as usual, using sand, filler and PVA. After that, I painted the whole base in a brown color and gave it a drybrush. The lighter color of the base and the darker color of the miniatures give the whole piece a nice contrast.

While I am happy with the result, in the future I won’t use the sand-filler-PVA mix anymore. The overall durability of the base is great, but the filler tends to flatten the base. As a result, you lose quite a bit of texture. Sometimes that made it tricky to give the base a good drybrush. Long story short: your base will lose depth. To avoid this, I will do a few experiments without the filler. As always stay tuned and happy wargaming!


2 thoughts on “Foundry Masai Warriors”

  1. Hi Devy

    Discovered your nice blog only today (apologize for bad continental Europe accent…).
    Plenty of interesting things!!
    One word on basing using filler.
    i routinely use it and to give some depth to bases ,after spreading the paste (leaving it coarse) i let it dry.
    Thereafter, i pour on it a mix of water 80-90%, paint of your choice 10-20 % and natural pigments.
    These ones get to recesses and give shadow, the paint give the medium color and the crests are left with fewer color as the mix flow down. You can bypass drybrush…

    Thanks for sharing inspiring stuff!!
    long live Pulp!


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