Davy Jones’ Locker #7


Hello fellow wargamers, it is time for another issue of Davy Jones’ Locker – best in miniature wargaming. A series of blog posts, where I share various stuff I found online regarding our hobby.

#1: 1940s french garage

The first pick is a great conversion of a 20mm MDF building. The tactical painter did an incredible job here. The garage looks amazing and it will be a great addition to any table. Reading this post made me think about building some troops for the Blitzkrieg. But unfortunately, I have too many active projects already on the workbench. But one day it will happen.

#2: Spectre Operations second edition

Spectre Operations is one of my favorite rule set regarding modern wargaming. So I was very happy that Spectre Miniatures made a facelift of the rules and published the second edition of their game.

PaintalltheMinis wrote a nice little review of the second edition. If you prefer a more in-depth review, I recommend the one written by Pijlie. His review is also great if you are new to the game because he explains the whole concept and mechanics of the rules. So if you are interested in playing any modern conflict, I highly recommend you to take a closer look.

#3: TMWWBK – Get to the Boat! (A Sudan Scenario)

The third pick is pure eye candy. Dan wrote about playtesting a scenario for The Men who would be Kings in Sudan. It is a joyful read and the presentation is outstanding. The sheer amount of small details on the table amazed me. I guess we can all imagin how much fun it is to play on such an outstanding table.


Finally the last pick of this issue. After enjoying all these great tables, miniatures and terrain pieces it is time for some reading. But wait, don’t close the browser tab! Of course, we will read something related to our hobby. More specific, a write up about the history of Kongo. If you want to dive into the subject or just need some inspiration, this article is for you. A great read for any colonial wargamer. Especially if you are interested in Darkest Africa.

That’s it for now. I have to confess, reading all this stuff about Kongo and Sudan made me want to play some colonial wargaming. Well, maybe tonight there is a chance. I hope you enjoyed reading this issue. If you have any comments or questions put them below. Happy Wargaming!


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