3D printed Tentacles for wargaming


In this post, I want to showcase my 3D printed tentacles for wargaming. Over two years ago I bought some 3D printed stuff by Paul, better known as Matakishi. Besides some crates, especially these tentacles proved useful in my Frostgrave games.

This was my very first transaction via LAF and I was excited. But everything was perfect. By the way, this was my very first contact with 3D printed stuff for wargaming. The print quality was fine. Not as good as my own prints today, but still good. And you have to keep in mind, that almost 2,5 years is quite a time in such a fast-paced field like 3D printing.

Painting the Tentacles

I painted the tentacles in a rather simple color scheme. Using Army Painter Goblin Green, Army Painter Hydra Turquoise and Army Painter Alien Purple for the outer parts and Army Painter Electric Blue and Army Painter Wolf Grey for the front side. I painted the rocky base using Vallejo Basalt Grey (869). I finished the minis with a light drybrush of Vallejo Pale Sand (837).

In the next step, I sealed the tentacles with Army Painter matt varnish. Followed by Army Painter Quickshade and another layer of Anti-Shine.

As I said, just an easy and quick paint job, but I am happy with the results. The tentacles are very versatile. Besides Fantasy they can be used in Pulp or Lovecraftian Horror settings too.

The finished models

3D printed Tentacles
3D printed Tentacles back
3D printed Tentacles detail

Thanks for reading this post. What are your thoughts about my 3D printed tentacles? Put your comments down below. And as always, happy wargaming!


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