James Barr: A Line in the Sand

James Barr A Line in the Sand title

A Line in the Sand by James Barr is part of my reading list regarding the Middle East. I have been tinkering about wargaming in that specific part of the world for a few years. I am especially interested in the pre-World War 2 era. Hence James Barr’s book about … Show me more

On moving

Rotier creed using contrast paints

Sometimes we have to do it: move to another house. I faced this challenge last summer. Moving is a hassle for anyone. But as a wargamer, it was especially a pain in the butt. Nonetheless, it had to be done. Due to the move, I had no time to hobby … Show me more

Some thoughts on improving

In recent weeks, my painting time has been rather limited. But I watched some YouTube videos while doing some dull office work. Watching accomplished painters made me think about my own skillset. Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning to compete in serious painting competitions. What I am talking … Show me more

Carts for the Dark Ages by 1st Corps

1st corps Dark ages cart

Today just a quick update on my Dark Ages collection: two carts by 1st Corps. I painted them for this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The Miniatures The bullocks are metal, while the carts are resin with additional metal parts. The quality is good, but the build could be annoying. … Show me more