Victrix Greek Light Cavalry

In this post, I want to showcase my Victrix Greek Light Cavalry for my Macedonian army. After my posts about the Phalangites, Hypaspists, archers, and other skirmishers, it is time to start with the cavalry sections. The kit The Victrix Greek Light Cavalry is an all-plastic kit. The level of … Show me more

Victrix Macedonian Phalangites

Victrix Macedonian Phalangites ready for the battle

In this post, I want to showcase the Victrix Macedonian Phalangites. Another addition to my Macedonian army. So without further due, let’s jump right into the review. The kit The Victrix Macedonian Phalangites is an all-plastic kit and as usual, Victrix delivers outstanding quality. The kit offers a lot of … Show me more