New year resolution for 2017


Just a quick post today. My new year resolution for 2017.

What I accomplished in 2016

  • I finished my German grenadiers for Bolt Action
  • I painted a lot of miniatures for Darkest Africa (tribal warriors and other natives)
  • I painted my Anglo-Danish army for SAGA.
  • I painted two leagues for Pulp Alley
  • I build a few pieces of terrain and scenery
  • I played a lot of games and established new contacts within the community
  • I restarted the blog

My plans for 2017

  • Finishing my Pulp Alley project in Darkest Africa (miniatures and scenery)
  • Finishing my Force on Force project for Malikastan. I still have to paint a decent amount of miniatures (civilians and USMC)
  • Creating a campaign (miniatures, scenery, fluff and all that stuff). The campaign will take place in a fantasy setting. I will use the Pulp Alley rules for that project. Also, I plan to make a campaign book (well a .pdf actually) for the whole project.
  • Playing as much as 2016

Hobby wise I am pretty happy with 2016. The only thing which bothers me was my lack of focus. Sometimes I worked on 3-4 projects at a time. So for 2017 I will try to focus on one project at a time. Happy New Year!


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