New audience, new language and new adventures in small worlds!


Today I want to annonce some serious changes on the blog.

New audience, new language

First of all, will become English only. It has been a while since my last post and my focus in the hobby has changed. I have become more involved in the international community. Mainly the Lead Adventure forum. Because of that, it seems logical to change too. I thought about that for a long time. To be honest, even before starting the German blog, I thought about going English only.  But as a German blogging in a foreign language seems kind of odd. But now I have overcome my laziness and take the plunge. Hope it went well and my writing isn’t too bad.

New Adventures in small worlds

In the last few months, I worked quietly on several projects. Darkest Africa, World War II and some Pulp madness, just to name a few. Even some fantasy stuff has been completed. So stay tuned.

Some fan made trailer for an animated Indiana Jones series. Great inspiration for pulp gaming!


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