Davy Jones’ Locker #15 (Fall)


We already face autumn, so it is time for another quarterly summary.

While Covid backs down here in Germany and things are getting more and more normal, my wife and I will have a baby in February 2022. As you might guess, this was not only big news but also shifted priorities quite a bit for me.

But I am still going strong on my projects and finally, I managed to get myself two additional paint racks. Having all your stuff neatly organized is such a huge improvement in my opinion.

Update #Ravendale?

The fantasy project is still on hold at the moment.

Since the project is on hold I got a much clearer picture of my goal with the fantasy campaign. As a result, I could streamline some of the rules. Besides that, the whole world and the narrative really starts to form a more coherent picture in my mind.

Update #GemblouxGap??

My early war project made huge progress in the last quarter. The first wave of miniatures is all fully painted up. The bases are almost finished too. Only tufts need to be added.

I started to build the terrain for an early war European setting too. Below you can see the first test pieces. It is still WIP, but I am already convinced that basing buildings is the way to go.

Update #ModernAfghanistan??

The project in modern Afghanistan is lacking behind. But yesterday I started to work on some of the good guys from Spectre Miniatures. So far I am very happy with the quality of their stuff and I had a lot of fun painting the first operators. In addition to that, I build the first afghan heavy weapon teams.

I started this project with no goal in mind. I just had fun painting modern wargaming stuff. Maybe in the future, I will start a bigger project in this niche of our hobby, but currently, I am happy with just painting a lot of miniatures and vehicles.

Update #Warhammer 40K Kill Team

The Kill Team project made huge progress in the following months. The Genestealer Cults Collection is finished and saw the first action against my mate’s Chaos Space Marines.

Besides that, I ordered the Kill Team Octarius Box. It was a no-brainer because it comes with the new rulebook, more terrain, and two new Kill Teams. Especially the Death Korps of Krieg is one of my favorites.


I am very happy with the way my hobby is going. The joy of painting miniatures is back and I was very prolific. This made me think about taking part in this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Following the #FlashingBlades tag on Twitter made me really want to paint some Renaissance miniatures. The colorful miniatures are full of flavor and the setting is also great for some fast-paced skirmish games.

With the baby on its way, hobby time will become precious. So I made the decision to focus on building up my miniature collection and to prefer skirmish games on rather small tables. While I still should find the time to paint, setting up a big table for something like the Gembloux Gap campaign will become problematic I guess. But maybe I am totally wrong, we will see what the future will bring. So stay tuned and as always have fun painting miniatures!


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