Davy Jones’ Locker #12 (Autumn)


In the past months, hobby time was very rare due to the whole Covid mess. Schedules had to be changed almost constantly and games could only be played digitally. The good thing was, that the situation made me kind of rethink my take on the hobby.

In the past, most of my miniatures were for gaming with my mates. So in most cases, I only own one army with no opposing faction whatsoever. This was fine to me, but during the lockdown, I realized that this wasn’t the way I want my wargaming hobby to be.

A new approach to the hobby

As a result, I changed my approach to the hobby. In the past, most of my armies were painted quite fast, because a specific event (in most cases a game) was scheduled and I had to get the job done. So my hobby progress was an accumulation of sprints. While this can be very productive overall, the projects themselves tend to be minimalistic and shallow. What I mean by that is, that the army lacks a wide range of support options or other stuff to swap around. Why not adding them later you might guess? Well, because then I was fully committed to the next sprint, regarding a totally different project. Sometimes I even bought additions to previous armies, but in most cases, they are still part of the dreaded lead pile.

The more I thought about the whole topic, the more I was convinced that I need to change my approach to the hobby: I don’t want to have an army for a specific set of rules. Instead, I want to have a collection for a specific theatre or setting. Which means at least two opposing factions and terrain for a decent gaming table.

But without further words let’s take a look at my projects.

Update: #Ravendale

For a long time, I am working on a fantasy campaign. At first, I planned to adept the Pulp Alley rules to a fantasy setting. But then the project grows bigger and bigger. Finally, I came to the conclusion, that Pulp Alley wasn’t the right choice anymore and I started with tinkering on my own set of rules. Obviously, that is a lot more work, but it is also a lot of fun and a totally new experience for me.

But besides the rules, there is also a lot of other stuff to do. Writing quests and some kind of narrative background for the campaign for example. And of course, painting miniatures and building terrain. A lot of terrain. My plan was to build several gaming tables, to add more variety to our games.

With all those changes during the project, I kind of lose myself in a rabbit hole. So for the next two months, I will take a break from any fantasy stuff. Then I will restart the whole project with a proper plan.

Update: #1940-A Trip to France

While working on all the fantasy stuff it became obvious to me, that I need more variety on the workbench. Because I already owned the Blitzkrieg 1940 handbook for Chain of Command I jumped right into an Early War project. Et voilĂ , the fun is back and I am really keen to paint all that stuff!

– Building and painting a German ArmyUntil December
– Buying models for a French ArmyUntil December
– Building and painting a French ArmyUntil January
– Building a variety of scenery and terrain for a decent gaming tableUntil January
My timeline so far for the Early War project


  • Eureka Miniatures Afghan Guerrillas
  • Eureka Miniatures Afghan heavy weapons
  • Eureka Miniatures Afghan civilians

Besides the Early War project, I bought some Afghans for modern wargaming. Just a little side project, but who knows how that will turn out.

That’s it for the moment. I will post the next status update in the winter months. Stay safe and happy wargaming!


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