Darkest Africa Tribal Warriors in hideous masks

Darkest Africa Tribal Warriors in hideous masks

Recently I painted some Darkest Africa Tribal Warriors in hideous masks. The miniatures are from Foundry. They are all metal and nicely sculpted. Well, you won’t expect anything different from Foundry. I really like their stuff. I had a lot of fun painting and basing the tribal warriors. They are suitable for colonial wargaming. But you could also use them for Pulp gaming in the Dark … Show me more

Myconids from Otherworld Miniatures

For my fantasy campaign, I painted some Myconids from Otherworld Miniatures. They are nicely sculpted and the overall look is just amazing. I will use them for a specific scenario in my campaign.  The Myconid King will be used for a Boss Fight. He will have some nasty special rules so that he is a real challenge for the players. The greater and lesser Myconids will … Show me more

Thule Society for Pulp Alley or the dark side of Pulp

Today I want to present my Thule Society for Pulp Alley. Obviously not the good guys, but my League of Adventurers needs a reasonable opponent. My friend Flo played them during our Pulp Alley campaign in Darkest Africa. The minis are from Pulp Figures by Bob Murch. The are lovely sculpted and easy to paint. A must have for any Pulp aficionado! Before I describe the … Show me more

League of Adventurers for Pulp Alley

Today I want to show my League of Adventurers for Pulp Alley. It was my first league, but creating the characters was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed painting the miniatures. One of the biggest advantages of skirmish games like Pulp Alley is the low number of miniatures required. Because of that, creating leagues goes pretty fast. Due to the pulp setting, you can also use … Show me more